Felix Pinkert

on matters philosophical

About me

I am a lecturer in philosophy at Lincoln College and the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford. A recent PhD graduate of the St Andrews & Stirling Graduate Programme in Philosophy,  my doctoral research focused on contemporary moral theory, particularly Consequentialist ethics in collective action problems. My next research project will apply and extend my work to the problem of climate-change related policy.

In my Ph.D. dissertation, I develop a response to a number of challenges that arise when we ask what individuals ought to do with regard to moral problems on a global scale (see the dissertation summary).  I am also particularly interested in metaethics, applied ethics and social and political philosophy (next to being curious about pretty much anything philosophical). My currently research in moral theory is motivated by a "real-world" concern particularly about climate change, global poverty, and political oppression, and I plan to do more applied and policy-oriented research in the near future.

Next to being a PhD student in St Andrews and Stirling, I have also been visiting PhD student in Princeton and Oxford in the second year of my PhD program. Before starting my PhD studies I received an M.Litt. in philosophy from the Universities of St Andrews and Stirling, with a dissertation on the problem of intertemporal choice for Consequentialist ethics. Prior to this, I received a B.A. equivalent in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Kiel, where I also worked as a research assistant in climate change modeling and wage inequality analysis.