Felix Pinkert

on matters philosophical

PhD Dissertation: Global Problems and Individual Obligations

I believe that I morally ought to do something about global warming, world poverty, trade injustices and political oppression, rather than just stand by. But I do not yet know what precisely it is that I ought to do. And somehow that bothers me enough to devote three years of my life to writing a dissertation to find out.

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"What If I cannot make a difference (and know it)"

One of the main challenges for our ethical thinking and acting with regard to large-scale problems are situations where we individually cannot make any difference whatsoever.

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I love doing philosophy together with others. It's great to learn of new ideas and arguments in others' presentations, and to contribute my two cents of objections, suggestions, or plain comprehension questions to the discussion and the improvement of the arguments. Likewise, I enjoy presenting my own arguments to others, to disseminate the ideas and put them to the test of a critical audience. The following is a list of presentations which I had the honor of giving:

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Workshop: Forward-Looking Collective Responsibility

I have been convening a workshop on forward-looking collective responsibility at the 2011 Manchester Workshops in Political Theory. For more information about the workshop and for access to the workshop papers, see the workshop website.