Felix Pinkert

on matters philosophical

"Ethics: Metaethics" core lectures (slides and recordings)

(Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, Fall 2013)

This eight week lecture series is the metaethics part of the ethics core lectures in philosophy. It introduces students to the main problems and positions in metaethics.

See below ("Read More") to see video recordings and slides of my lectures.

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(Lincoln College, University of Oxford, Fall 2013)

This tutorial series covers central themes from the core Ethics paper at Oxford. The tutorials pick up where Mill: Utilitarianism left off, then move on to Kant and Virtue Ethics, and then discuss themes in metaethics (syllabus here).

Introduction to Moral Philosophy: Mill's Utilitarianism

(Lincoln College, University of Oxford, Fall 2013)

This tutorial series introduces core questions of moral philosophy through a careful study of Mill's Utilitarianism and related contemporary texts (syllabus here).

Society, Authority, and Freedom

(University of St Andrews, Spring 2013, as tutor)

This course introduces students both to classical texts in Political Philosophy (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Mill, and Marx) and to key concepts in contemporary Political Philosophy (liberty, equality, and justice).

Contemporary Moral Theory lecture on Fair Shares

(University of St Andrews, St Andrews Spring 2012)

This fourth year honours lecture discussed the Fair Share Objection to Act Consequentialism, and Liam Murphy's Cooperative Principle of Beneficence as a possible response to the objection.

Ancient Philosophy

(University of St Andrews, Fall 2012, as tutor)

This second-year course introduces students to a broad range of topics in Ancient Philosophy.

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Ethical Controversies lectures

 (University of St Andrews, Fall 2011)

These introductory ethics lectures, delivered as part of the first-year course "Ethical Controversies" at the University of St Andrews, introduce the debate about obligations to help the global poor, and problems for Consequentialist moral theories, respectively.

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Rationality & Action

(University of St Andrews, Spring 2010, as tutor)

This advanced sub-honours course offers an introduction into philosophical investigation of our reasons for acting.

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Ethical Controversies

(University of St Andrews, Fall 2009, as tutor)

This entry-level ethics course introduces students to three broad areas within philosophical ethics:

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Kant's Logic

 (University of Kiel, Fall 2007)

In this tutorial, we are reading Kant's Königsberg lectures in logic, as edited by Gottlob Benjamin Jäsche.

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