What if I cannot make a difference (and know it)?

Suppose that some ecosystem is already doomed to destruction from pollution, and no individual can make a difference to this outcome by stopping to pollute. Is then ethically all fine? Surely not. In this paper, I provide a new way of understanding what goes wrong in situations where we together bring about bad outcomes, yet no individual can make a difference.

Published in Ethics, 2015.

What we together (can be required to) do

In order to know what we together can be morally required to do, we need to know what we can do. In this paper, provide an account for what we together can, and cannot, do.

Published in Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 2014.

When are collective obligations too demanding?

Groups of people can often do much more than individuals. So we can ethically ask more of groups. But not infinitely much. In this book contribution, I provide an account of when supposed collective obligations are overly demanding.

Book contribution forthcoming with Rowman & Littlefield.